Fire Department

SOUTH STATION                             NORTH STATION

1426 Gloria Terrell Drive                                                                                                   402 Licking Pike

Wilder, KY 41076                                                                                                              Wilder, KY 41071

(859) 431-5884                                                                                                                (859) 431-1440





The fire department was first started by a group of citizens in the early 1950s.  The WVFD, Inc. was first organized in 1957.  The department, with its first fire chief, consisted of 15 members and a man-drawn horse tender was its only piece of equipment.  Today the department consists of 2 fire stations that are operational 24 hours a day.  40 dedicated members, consisting of a paid fire chief, 7 career firefighters, and over 20 volunteers and part-time firefighters.