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Police Department

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Our Mission

We will provide protection and serve the city of Wilder, including its citizens, businesses and their employees as well as visitors of our community by providing professional and courteous assistance during their times of need. We vow to maintain a safe and secure environment by enforcing laws, working together with the public and delivering fair and impartial services, with the utmost compassion and commitment to excellence, to which all people are entitled.


Our Values



We honor our profession and the values instilled in the oath we swore upon. We honor those who served and sacrificed before us and those yet to serve. We honor each other, the uniform we wear, the badge we carry and what they represent. Most of all, we honor the trust given to us and the privilege to serve those who provided it. 


We are dedicated to excellence and committed to providing the highest level of service possible. We will maintain our dedication through constant training, education and community partnership. Dedication shall remain the foundation of our agency’s commitment to our community, their safety and inherent rights. 


Courage allows us to face the inherent dangers and hazards of law enforcement. Additionally, however, we must also have the courage to maintain the highest moral character and ethical values, required in our obligation to all who depend on us. We must also have the courage to stand as role models for our community and realize we are entrusted with the ultimate of responsibilities. We will preserve the courage to carry them out.

R. Andrew Williams

Chief of Police